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  • Ishtiaq Uddin

3 Study Tips To Increase Knowledge Retention

Being a student means a lot of stress often with no reprieve. It can feel like there are endless exams, tests, and quizzes. However, it won’t matter what test or quiz you’re stressing over if you have no idea how to go about studying for it. Luckily, there are plenty of good methods and strategies out there to start studying for your various subjects at school for a stressed-out student.

Take Breaks

A good studying method is called the 30-minute method. The 30-minute method includes studying for 25 minutes straight and taking a 5-minute break at the end. You repeat this cycle until you feel like you have studied enough. This ensures you don't burn out like you would when studying for hours on end with no breaks. In turn, this boosts productivity because the brain will be well rested after a good break, ready to go through another 25 mins of heavy-duty thinking. Make sure to set alarms so you don’t work or take a break for too long.

Stay hydrated

Another tip is to always have a water bottle nearby and maybe a healthy snack or two depending on how long you plan to study. The brain cannot function at its best unless it is fueled and you are hydrated. So, always remember to drink water and eat while you study. Your body is a machine that performs many different functions and machines cannot run without fuel. Staying healthy while studying is one of the most important things as a student to prevent burnout and many other mental/physical health conditions.

Try different things

I have one final tip before you go off and turn those dreams of good grades into reality. Find your way of studying. Experiment with flashcards, group study sessions and taking notes in different ways. That way, you can find which methods work best for you! Everybody thinks and learns differently. So, studying strategies that work for others may not work for you.


A big part of studying is the mindset you have going into it. Are you studying to get a good grade? Or are you studying to genuinely learn and understand the subject you study for? As long as you have a will to learn, the mark you want will come in due time. Now, go off with all these tips in mind, and be the student you aspire to be.

Edited by Rory Banfalvi and Yandy Zuo

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