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  • Shabicha Sureshkumar

3 Note Taking Tips That Will Change Your Life

Note-taking is a difficult skill to master. When done wrong it may be a burden, but when done right, it can ensure your success! To make this task simpler I have compiled 3 different techniques to help you succeed.

Only note down key facts

Get to the main ideas! Do not waste your time writing down extra information and long sentences. This also allows you to focus better on what your teacher is explaining. Always prioritize listening to the teacher rather than frantically taking notes, especially if your classes are not recorded. You do not want to miss out on something important! This is not always easy to do though, especially when you are bombarded with little details. So here is an example directly from my history class:

Put it in your own words and make connections

As shown in the example above, I have reformed the point in my own words, so it is simple to understand. I have also used past knowledge to connect and synthesize this new piece of information together. This subconsciously makes your brain reflect and digest the information, which tends to stay in your brain for much longer rather than copying verbatim.


It is tough to refer back to your notes when they are messy and unorganized (speaking from personal experience). I personally love to use the Cornell method to organize my notes, which divides your notes into 3 sections: content, cues, and summary. The content section is what you jot down during class. The cues section is to jot down the key takeaways from the lesson. You can write the main points, key facts, and potential test questions there. Finally, the summary section summarizes the entire lesson. You can use any method to keep your notes organized for review time; just make sure they are structured and coherent!


Now that you have some helpful note-taking tips, make sure you also employ helpful study techniques to help you practice and apply the content from your notes! You can find great study tips from AOT here!

Edited by Yandy Zuo

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