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Advocates of Tomorrow Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to shaping today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders by encouraging high school and post-secondary students to learn about law and politics. This is achieved through our annual conference which allows students to learn from and network with successful lawyers, politicians, policy experts, and legal professionals. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in mock trials. They will be guided by experienced post-secondary students in preparation for the mock trial and the mock trial itself will be led by practicing professionals.


Each year, our conference is centered on a theme pertaining to a particular type of law, such as human rights law, criminal law, civil law, etc. Our annual conference is free and open to all students across Canada! By participating in our events, students stand to build their professional network by connecting with industry professionals, community leaders, and other like-minded students all while gaining the necessary confidence and knowledge to pursue their future careers.



The conference begins with a panel of speakers comprised of accomplished legal professionals. Our guest speakers discuss various topics pertaining to their careers including, but not limited to, their educational background, how they began their careers, why they are passionate about their field, etc. The panel is followed by a Q&A session allowing students to interact with the speakers and learn about their professional experiences. The Q&A sessions are followed by a networking session that allows students the opportunity to connect with successful industry professionals.



Attendees take part in a workshop to prepare for the mock trial. The assigned case pertains to the particular type of law reflected in the overall theme of the conference. Participants are given a brief overview of the case by their workshop mentors and split into teams to prepare for the mock trial. As the teams work on their cases, our mentors will be there to guide and support the students. Our mentors are post-secondary students with ample experience in debates, mooting, mock trials, and other relevant extracurricular activities.



Each predetermined team consists of a plaintiff, defendant, defense council, and crown counsel. Participants are allowed to choose which role they feel most comfortable fulfilling. The mock trial is timed to ensure everyone is afforded equal opportunity for participation. Furthermore, students will be able to draw upon the advice received from their mentors during the workshop and apply it to their mock trial performance. The mock trial is intended to educate students about the proceedings involved in the trial process, as well as prepare them for future participation in activities such as Model United Nations, mock trials, debates, and mooting competitions.

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