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  • Teni Ogunsanya

Why I Decided to Pursue Law

By now, I'm sure that most people associate law with the more dramatic things: "I object!" "Overruled!" Those phrases and drama come from the famous tv shows that we all know and love, whether it's How to get away with murder or Suits.

My journey to pursue the career came from my love for debate and arguments where there would be one victor in the end. It was something that I've always liked since elementary school. However, I believe in testing out any work field you want to go into. Whether by doing internships, interviewing someone who pursued the career or simply taking a class associated with that career. I chose the third option.

In grade 10 pre-IB, I took a grade 11 law class with a few friends of mine. I was excited to get into what exactly happens in a courtroom and what actual lawyers do. In that class, I was pleasantly surprised by the results. We discussed fundamental topics that could be applied to life in general and learned about various jobs in law enforcement, like being a police officer.

Aside from the horrible hand-done citations that were permanently assigned, I truly enjoyed it. It also showed me another side to law, past the courtroom dramas and murder mysteries. It showed me how the law is meant to protect children in danger, settle divorce disputes, what goes into convicting a murderer and how we classify human death.

That opened my eyes towards the natural side to law and the most appealing part of the career- you get to affect other people's lives. Your existence matters to other people, and your job can change their lives. That is the one thing that I have always wanted: to make a difference.

Edited by Jakob Kramer

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