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Shayna Jan's Law School Interview

Shayna Jan is a J.D. Candidate at Osgoode Hall Law School. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at University of Toronto. In this interview, Shayna Jan gives insight and advice to future law students.

Why did you choose to pursue law?

I decided in high school as I really enjoyed debating & mock trials (for both my history and law courses). I was also on law team and fell in love with litigating.

What did your journey to law school look like?

I did my undergrad at UofT where I studied History, English, and Sociology. I wrote my LSAT the summer before my last year and I applied in October. I then got accepted to Osgoode, my first choice, in December.

What did you consider when applying to law schools?

Osgoode was my first choice and everything else was a backup. I didn't apply to UofT because it was too expensive. I didn't apply to Lakehead because it was too far.

Why did you choose Osgoode?

Mostly because of the prestige associated with Osgoode Hall. A plus was it's proximity to me (I live in Newmarket). I wanted a TO experience without having to pay an extra $10k at UofT.

How did you prepare for the LSAT?

I bought the 10 Actual books and I just did practice tests.

What do you think makes a good law school application?

A fire personal statement. Spend a lot of time on making yourself stand out. Mine was unconventional and not that formal, I feel as though it let my personality shine through. Osgoode also likes well rounded students.

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